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Food from Valdres

We have different tastes from around Valdres. Together with our partners, Valdres Honning with local produsent honey, and Piltingsrud Farm with safe, local and tasty meat. We provide a good selection for our guests. On this site you will find information about the products we sell the most of.


Breakfast with a lot of local food.
Milk, juice, coffee and tee. Two different bredtypes, crispbread from Sigdal, egg from Valdres, honey from Hedalen, moose- and raindeer sausage from Bagn, Rørosbutter, two kinds of cheese from Wangensten, local jam and a little vegetables.

Price: 500nok for two persons.



Delivered in a package of three hotdogs from Piltingsrud farm and one package with lompe.
Vi recommend cranberry sour cream and onions as an extra. 

Price:      150,-
Topping: 60,-



Delivered in a package of two burgers from Piltingsrud farm, bread and cheese.
We recommend cranberry sour cream and onions as an extra, and we also provide a salat and potato boats to.

Price:                    300,-
Topping:                60,-
Salat and potato:  100,-



A collection of tastes from Valdres:
- Sausage from Piltingsrud farm 
- Honey from Valdres
- Cheese from Wangensten
- Beer from Små Vesen
- Flatbread from Flisstad bakeri i Hedalen

Small Valdrespakke (4beers): 750,-
Big Valdrespakke     (8beers): 999,-


We can also provide foodservice by appointment.