Our story

The owners of the luxurious treetop cabins at Vassfaret are local enthusiasts who are passionate about the development of the local area. We want more people to experience the fantastic opportunities we have in nature and culture. We have broad expertise in areas such as land development, tourism and other business activities.

We finished our first treetophut, Dyttholsknatten in December 2017. It received so much good feedback from our guests, that in april 2019 we already had two new cabins built,- Treknatta 1 and 2. The treetop cabins are located 8 meters above the ground, attached to the pine trees. They will fit perfectly for businesses or social gatherings that require some space. The treetop cabins are built in Hedalen in Valdres, which is less than two hours from Oslo and Gardermoen, and with Vassfaret conservation area as the nearest neighbor.


Fosstopp AS
Telefon: + 47 906 27 368
Henvendelser: post@fosstopp.com