Stue Med Bespisning

Guest info

Welcome to Fosstopp

The cabins are named after local mountains. You can spot Treknatta(three tops) in the south east with the highest point at 1101 meters above sea level. And tho the south west Dyttholsknatten at 1107 meters.

Are you thinking of bringing your dog? Remember it's only in Treknatta 1 dogs are allowed. Because of the other visitors and wildlife keep your dog on a leash. If you bring your four legged friend to Treknatta 1 he/she are not allowed on the furniture, and remember to pick up the excrement.

At departure:

Even though you have paid for final cleaning, all our guests are expected:

  • Have you rented bed linen? It helps us if you take that off.
  • We expect that the cabin are tidy, no pillows or blanked left outside.
  • Empty the garbage. You will drive path an container on your way out to "Hedalsvegen".
  • Do the dishes.

Have you paid for cleaning we will tidy up for you, vacuum and wash the floors/surfaces for you.

You will find all of the cleaning material that you need in the cabin under the sink. The vacuum are by the stairs in Dyttholsknatten and up stairs between the doors on the second floor in Treknatta 1 and 2. If there are anything that you notice under your stay, please inform us so we can bring what is missing. Maybe someone have been unlucky during the night, and we need to change out the mattress protector for example.

Are the cabin left in a bad state we could send an invoice for the extra work or damages.

In case of fire

The cabin are installed with fire alarms. Fire extinguishers are located by the doors. Fire exits are out the door and windows, and continue down the stairway.

Check list for fire prevention:

  • Do not let candles stay unattended.
  • Do not use the firepit up on the terrace in strong winds, and all ways have the spark arrestor on.
  • Follow the general rule of bonfire ban between 15.april to 15.september.

In case of fire call 110 and tell them were you are:
Holmlivegen 371 (Treknatta)
Holmlivegen 437 (Dyttholsknatten)
3528 Hedalen

Gass alarm

If the gass alarm starts, vent the cabin by opening the door and call us at +47 61 34 61 61.
You can check by your self if there are any smell of gass by the floor, if it's call us at once!

No unnormal smell? Try to turn the gass alarm off, wait for 20 seconds and turn it back on again. If it doesn't go off again it could be that it's over sensitive.


Other dangers


If the wind are above 20meters/second the cabin should be evacuated. The guests will be noticed by Fosstopp to do so.


It's eight meters from the terrace to the ground on the highest point. Falling down could result in major damage. It's not allowed to lean over or stay upon the railing around the terrace, that could result in damaging the railing or in worst case be dangerous for the person. Do not climb on other furniture outside, in case of falling over the railing.


The river Aurdøla go by the cabin. The river have a fall of 200meters over 2kilometers with several waterfalls. Going to close to Aurdøla could result in great danger. Keep children under supervision and inform them about the danger. 

Technical operation

How do I control the heater?

In Treknatta 1 and 2 can you change the temperature with a small round device in the living room. The "interaction button" are by pushing in on the top of the device. To change the temperature turn the device to mark the temperature with the square press the interaction button turn until desired temperatur, and press again. The heather are an Wallas boat warmer that runs on diesel. In case of it stops working or you want more heating it's a movable extra electric oven located in the cabin.

How do I use the stove?

Push down the buttons and turn them to the left, keep holding it in for three seconds before releasing the button and turn on desired heating. To start the oven you do the same steps but with the door open, hold for fifteen seconds.


In Dyttholsknatten it's a vacuum toilet, important here to not put in anything else than normal toilet paper. The same are for the toilets in Treknatta 1 and 2, though here you will find a normal water closet. 


Our cabins get electricity from an power bank that are driven by solar cells and aggregat. We deliver 230v in our cabins with this solution.


Because of our electricity solution and capacity of our water heater we suggest everyone to be carefull on the water usage. This is so all our guests can use warm water. If you shower for a long time, it could use up the heated water and it will take time before it's warm again.

Guests duty

  • The guest should follow the guidelines for the cabin.
  • The guest should see to that the cabin are tidy before depature.
  • The guest should use the cabin without damaging anything and if anything breaks because bad usage the guest will replace the damaged goods.
  • The guest should tell Fosstopp about any damage they find in the cabin, so we can take action to replace it.

Practical information

The cabin do not have WiFi though we have a stable 4G mobile phone coverage.
We in Fosstopp are glad if you want to sign our cabin book!

Have a pleasant stay!