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Size17 m2 + hems

This treetop cabin close to Vassfaret was built in 2017, and is attached in pine trees right by the waterfall.

The cabin is 17m2, plus a loft. The cabin is equipped with a delicately furnished living room with an open kitchen, and a sleeping alcove with a double bed. Spacious and partly closed loft with a view. The loft is equipped with a double bed (120cm width) and a single bed.

You can enjoy the gorgeous afternoon sun on the sun deck facing West, 6 m above the ground.

Dyttholsknatten is accessible by car even in winter time. The cabin facilitates up to 5 guests, - with upgraded mattresses, and bedding. This cabin is perfect for couples or a family.

Our cabins are equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator, master bath with a shower, WC, and hand wash. With winter insulation, the cabin is perfect for stays during the cold season. Fire wood, gas, candle lights, and basic utilities are, of course, available.

The cozy porch is fitted with robust wooden chairs, a fire pan for cooking, or for a cozy and warm campfire. The panoramic view over the waterfall, mountains, and surrounding forrest is simply wonderful!